bring me a flower {crown}

It’s no secret that I am beyond ready for spring.  It’s one of my favorite seasons as it leads to my most favorite season, summer.  I also love spring because of the promise of flowers, color and sun.  I’m not the biggest flower person, I actually demand that my husband not get me flowers for valentine’s day {it’s so unoriginal}.  However, when it comes to tablescapes, a bouquet or even better, a crown, I am totes {just trying that out} in!  I think they can really bring whatever ambiance you are looking for.  They soften an industrial space, bring an old barn to life or create the wow effect when draped across an entire table.  But, they also add such a beautiful romance and boho chic feel when placed delicately in the hair of the bride.  I really love a full flower crown that is dramatic and full of color.  Warning: brides beware to not the flower crown overwhelm your entire beauty look for your big day, your guests and more importantly, your new hubby {yay!} will most definitely want to see that gorgeous face!  These flower crowns hit it out of the park {baseball season is here}.  Enjoy!


from top left {clockwise}: dramatic lashes, flowing curls, natural beauty, short curls

bride’s best friend

As a bride there a lot of decisions to make and one of the most important will be what type of bridesmaids dresses you will force your sisters, best friends and future in-laws invest in {and just remember that they’ll get the chance to return the favor}.  Let me tell you that this should be a big decision and you should really think of each person in your bridal party.  I am a big fan of the new trend of non-matching bridesmaid dresses, it’s much more personal and girls everywhere are rejoicing to show their individuality.  With that being said, there are so many choices for a bride, it can be over whelming.  Although you are open to letting your girls personalities’ shine, you don’t want to have to stare at clashing dresses in the pictures you’ll be looking at for a lifetime.  Enter Two Birds.   Although this company is already all over the wedding scene, I think they deserve a shout out from Kat Eitner Events.

These dresses are ah-mazing.  They come in just about every color.  Can be worn in 15, yes, 15, different ways.  The material is so comfy you’ll want to sleep in your dress {and lets face it, one of your girls will}.  They are really able to take all the fuss out of bridesmaid dress shopping and I’m all for easy and quick decisions when it comes to wedding planning.  It might seem too good to be true, but this time, I promise you, you’re not making a mistake.  And lucky for us here in the tri-state area, they have a shop in NYC just waiting for you and your girls.

two birds

this is only a preview!

tractor inspired 1st birthday celebration

I love doing all kinds of events and it’s always a treat when I am able to work with the sweetest little one’s.  This winter we created a tractor theme birthday celebration for a very special {and oh so handsome} little man and it was as close to perfection as any event goes.  Being a planner I always appreciate when clients are good communicators and these parents were clear on what they wanted and that makes life so much easier.  I was sure of every decision and starting the planning process early doesn’t hurt either.  We got right to it before the craziness of the holidays and were set and ready to roll come February.

The vendors that contributed to this celebration were wonderfully talented!  We started with the invitation and thanks to Making Memories on Paper, it looked perfect!  From the start, Chase’s mom wanted a tractor party and although the obvious choice is a John Deere theme, we felt like it had been done so much that we wanted to do something a little different.  And thanks to Chase’s dad, uncle and grandfather, we had more than enough International Farmall Tractor decor items.  Hello, a real International Farmall Tractor was parked at the entrance to their home to welcome all the guests!    From the invitation to a poster size tractor sign that worked perfectly on the fireplace, all the printables pulled together to make a cohesive theme.

All the food and drink menu items were researched by me and Chase’s mom {wine may have been involved}, along with the perfect tractor themed games for the kids.  The games we included were Pin the Wheel on the Tractor, Tractor Pull and a Tater Dig.  I would have to say that the Tater Dig one for best game and the kids really enjoyed throwing their bouncy balls around after they found them.   We also included the classic 12 month banner that was the cutest thing ever.  Seriously, this kid is absolutely gorgeous!  The food table was designed by yours truly and a quick tip – I really love using various levels and textures for platters.  It makes the setting look clean and put together and elevating some items make it easier for guests to see all their options.  We also used their beautiful fireplace to hold the Happy Birthday banner, some hay bales, the custom poster and the favors.  The favors were a DIY {FYI – these are a huge mess to make but so worth it} and we tied it together with a custom tag that gave guests the recipe for Chase’s 1st Birthday Cookie {that we borrowed from infamous bakerella}.  We thought these would be a perfect family activity but we did cave and gave out custom bags with stickers and goodies in them for the kids {the guests really made out at this celebration}.

The most talked about element of this party was the dessert table and more specifically, this absolutely stunning cake!  I feel like a child’s celebration is the perfect time to go all out on a cake because let’s face it, cake is what most kids look forward to.  And making it pretty make all the adults happy to.  This stunner, along with the tractor cookies and Chase’s smash cupcake, were made by the incredible Cafe Pierrot.  Chase’s mom squealed and jumped up and down when the bakery revealed the cake to her, it was so much fun to see!  The other desserts that were included were grass cupcakes, cake pops and rice krispy treats {aka hay bales}.  The backdrop to the table was complete with a simple DIY tissue paper banner that I explained here.  Everything was delicious, as you can tell by Chase really enjoying his cupcake in his father’s old high chair that was repainted black.  The high chair banner was a DIY with fabric purchased from JoAnn Fabrics.  He was also the best dressed thanks so some Etsy finds that included his boots, custom belt {it actually had his name on it} and his perfect Chase is 1 shirt.

This ended up being the perfect theme celebration for this family!  And it felt so personal for all of them and you know how I love when a celebration has a personalized feel. Enjoy!

welcome tractor

What better way to welcome guests to a tractor theme bash?



watering hole.bottles

menu.grab some grub

over 21



pin the wheel on the tractor tator dig




high chair.cupcake

chase.tractor wheels

bags.chicken feed

family shot

goodbye winter

happy spring

I could not be happier to say goodbye to this winter.  It has not been the best and in fact, it’s been one of the worst I can remember.  Beginning with the weather and ending with some of the worst news I have ever gotten, I’m happy to move towards sunny days and better moments.  I am a person who tries to keep my problems in perspective.  Let’s be honest, I feel so truly blessed to have been born in this amazing country with all the freedoms and opportunities that millions don’t get.  I am grateful to be in relatively good health, extremely lucky to have found the love of my life {with my hubby and pup}, appreciative for my amazingly supportive family and friends, to have a roof {or an upstairs apartment} over my head, a car, clothes in my closet, shoes on my feet and so on.  I usually am able to put all my problems in perspective and know that there are so many people who have it worse off than me.  This however, didn’t work too well for me this winter.  There has just been a stretch where we were only getting bad news; from owing money this year on taxes to the biggest, realizing that we won’t ever be able to have children without IVF.  That last one was a doosy for us.  Afterall, I’m 30 years old, I’m a healthy-ish weight {although I’d love to loose 10, ok 15 lbs}, I’ve never done drugs, I don’t smoke, blah blah blah.  Apparently my body doesn’t care about all that because it’s not going to happen, ever.

I have a big problem with disappointment and sometimes act like a little girl when I’ve been let down.  This was the biggest let down I have ever felt.  My own body is not doing the one thing it was made to do, what’s up with that?  I am also, not surprisingly, a control freak with pretty much everything.  I like control, it makes me feel safe and comfortable.  I know everything in life can’t be controlled {the weather for instance} but if it can’t be controlled, I need to have answers.  I need to know the cause of this, when is happened, why it happened and why we have to go through this.  Well, with this process, sometimes you don’t get those answers and although I have gotten a few out of my Dr who is probably so sick of me by now she’s ready to leave medicine all together, I haven’t gotten enough to satisfy my questions.  It’s infuriating and controls my thoughts tirelessly.  I know tons of couples have to go through this in my generation and even though I know that and I personally know people who have gone through it {that now have amazing little ones}, you still feel alone.  I don’t want to hurt anyone who has been there for me in these last few months but the truth is, even those that have gone through this process, can’t say anything that makes you feel ok.  They know it sucks, they know its heart-breaking and even though they’ve been through it or are going through it, there’s nothing anyone can do.  How annoying is that?

I have done a lot of thinking on whether to share this personal problem with all those who read this blog {hi mom!}.  I knew, even as I was contemplating writing this post, that it would happen.  It’s me.  I am an over-sharer.  I like to get things off my chest and sometimes don’t stop.  And because this blog is me, I had to over-share.  I also want to alleviate your fears of this turning into a big pity party or a medical detailing of well, me because that’s not going to happen.  I just had to get it off my chest and I appreciate you all for letting me.  It’s going to be a long journey for Brian and I, but I know we’ll get there.

So, happy spring everyone!  Enjoy the sunshine, flowers, blue skies and NO SNOW!

happy st. patrick’s day

I am Irish but I usually don’t have to tell anyone that because with my very, very pale complexion and my maiden name of Somers, it’s pretty obvious.  With being Irish I have always been partial to St. Patrick’s Day {it also comes at a time during the year where I am dying to celebrate something} and love to get into the spirit.  This year is going to be more low key than I would usually prefer because of some personal stuff I won’t bore you with but if I could do anything, it would be attending this photo shoot dedicated to all things emerald green and totes reminds me of St. Patty’s Day.  You have to check out the full post and all the perfect details here at Ruffled {where they are always showcasing the most amazing events}.  Hope your day is full of luck, Irish soda bread and well, beer.  Cheers!




my 30th birthday

I am finally ready to admit it, I am 30 years old {lol}.  I turned 30 last year, in September and had an amazing birthday bash and I don’t know what I was waiting for but today is the day I’m sharing it with you.  I wanted a super girly, sparkly and just fun party.  I haven’t had a birthday party in years and wanted the end of my 20’s to be an enjoyable one.  I am not scared of this decade in my life, I just remember thinking that 30 was “so old” when I was a kid.  I couldn’t ever imagine that I would make it that far.  But look at me, I made it.  And I may not be where I thought I would be, but I am grateful {most of the time} for what I have.  I sometimes feel that career wise, I’m late to the party and just trying to catch up but my number one goal for 30 is not to compare or judge {myself, mostly}.  I constantly am looking at other event planning professionals work, accomplishments and their style and think; I want to be where they are.  But, I’m going to try and enjoy the crazy ride that this event planning business is sure to be!

I wanted this party to be very me.  Growing up as a dedicated tomboy, I am happy to say I have embraced all things girl since college.  I am now into pink, fashion, sparkles and heels (they are some of my favorite things).  So, I tried to capture myself with everything; from the venue to the favors.  I can’t tell you how many guests commented on the beauty of the venue, it’s got so much character and it’s gorgeous.  I decided to use a bookcase (from ikea) to showcase some of my personal belongings including my favorite heels, my go to clutch, some of my favorite photos from when I was young and some of my favorite coffee table books.  I also decided to add some personal touches to the bar with customized napkins and table lamps that really went perfectly with the whole look of the party.  I am totally obsessed with lamps on tables, bars or wherever for events.  The dessert table is something I always have to have because I have such a sweet tooth.  The cake was gorgeous, I almost didn’t want to cut into it.  All the other desserts I threw together myself because I do love to bake.  Another of my favorites; the stunning chalk art!  Can you believe this woman, she is amazingly talented {and I even got my own hashtag, ahh!}.  Everything came together perfectly with all the help of these amazing friends and wonderfully talented professionals; I couldn’t have asked for more.  I do have to admit that my all time favorite moment was a super sweet toast made by my hubby.  I’ll never forget it and I felt the love {I’m one lucky girl}.
















Venue: Flowerland, Photographer: Angela Newton Roy, Entertainment: Sizzling Sounds Entertainment, Invitation: Little Miss Mrs, Cake: Cake Fiction, ChalkArt: ChalkItUp2Love Makeup: Nicole Sievers Makeup Artistry, Chair Rentals: A Party Center, DIYs by yours truly: sparkly champagne bottles, mini desserts, flowers and vases, mixed drinks


inspiration from everywhere

In a pinterest loving world it’s hard not to be overwhelmed by all the images coming at you, it’s also hard as a wedding professional.  The most obvious being that brides tend to go all over the place when they see inspiration for their own weddings and you have to get everyone on the same page and focus.  But another reason is, when I look for inspiration, I try to actually stay away from all things weddings.  There are so many talented professionals, brilliant ideas and stunning images that I don’t want to be a planner who only has ideas that others have had.  I love fresh ideas and it’s hard to think outside the box when you always bombard yourself with weddings that have been done.  This doesn’t mean that every idea I relay to my clients isn’t one that I’ve never seen before, but I do like it when I am able to bring them a new idea.  A new entertainment option, a new seating chart or even a new venue that really has everything they’re looking for can change the wedding planning journey and you can see the stress melt of a couple’s face; it’s magic.  My focus, as an event planner, is to concentrate on the individuality of my couples and really let that be the theme of their wedding.  This means that I need to constantly be open to inspiration  {I’ve even found it in the grocery store}.  One of my favorite places for inspiration has been interior styling.  It is actually quite relevant to the wedding world and has been setting trends for a long time.  Here are some photos that I can’t get out of my head and can’t wait to incorporate them into the right couple’s special day!


Loving honeycomb pattern right now and wouldn’t this be beautiful as the backdrop to the cake table or ceremony?  LOVE!

gallery wall

Gallery walls are all the rage in interior design and I love them when they’re done right {like this one}.  This is such a great way to add personal touches, favorite art prints, family pictures or pieces that really represent you as a couple to your wedding.  I love it as an entrance piece to your reception so people are greeted with your personality as a couple and immediately feel at ease.

cake table

I am a big fan of adding touches of fabric to your wedding day and believe it’s a great way to add texture.  Draping is everywhere from barns to tents to ballrooms right now but I love the intricate detail of this canopy bed.  The cake table is a perfect smaller table to add a detailed canopy; perfection!

sweetheart table

I am very partial to the sweetheart table.  It allows your bridal party to sit with their family’s and it really allows just the two of you to have a few moments alone, enjoying your day.  I have seen beautiful sweetheart tables but when I see these glam benches, all I see is a bride and groom sitting comfortably together, laughing, clinking glasses and sharing many kisses.

not enough time in the day


time management2

I know I’m not alone when I think to myself that there’s really not enough time in the day to get everything done.  I feel like some days I am a better wife, sometimes I am better at this whole small business thing and sometimes I absolutely want to cry because I have neglected my pup for the entire day.  I rarely feel like I have done well at all the hats I wear and then I am faced with a pity party for one.  I don’t even remember a time where I wasn’t rushing through a store, running late for an appointment or just plain exhausted and made a call to my mom just to vent on problems that weren’t her fault to begin with.  It is an endless process and I really have come to believe this is a life long journey to figure out true time management with all the hats we all are wearing in this fast paced life.

It’s completely exhausting {and I’m only a pup parent} but as I add more titles, I know there might be days where I forget to truly be thankful for my hubby, but I will be damned if he doesn’t know how much he is appreciated the next day.  If I haven’t given Swisher {my pup} enough love, I will make up for it with an overload of kisses and snuggling the next day.  I know there will never be enough hours in the day to get everything done because, well, if there were more hours, I would just find other things to add to my list.  I am in the process right now of trying to say no when I know there is not enough time to do something right.  I have had to turn down making cakes for my lovely nieces birthdays, I have had to order dinner out {again}  and I have had to put getting a mani/pedi off for weeks {it’s getting ridiculous}.  I am trying to realize that everyday might not be the best day and I know tomorrow is never guaranteed so living realistically, somewhere int he middle, is what I’m striving for.  And if anyone has mastered this, please write a book and make it short, I don’t have all the time in the world to read it {lol}.

the super bowl of fashion

I love my job and everything having to do with weddings.  I also love that so much in the wedding industry is inspired by other things.  One of my favorite things that inspires all the wedding trends is fashion.  I am a sucker for a beautiful dress, a spectacularly tailored suite, perfect locks and stunning make up.  For me, that translates into the Oscars.  The Oscars are the super bowl of fashion and everyone always brings their A-game.  I am always so nervous for these celebrities because everyone {with the exception of my husband} is nit-picking every single detail.  We are judging their whole look, down to the color of their nails!  This year’s Oscars were a little less dramatic for me in regards to the fashion but to me, some of these movie stars scored major touchdowns {had to throw a super bowl reference in there}.  Here’s a list of my top favorite looks that will, undoubtedly, hit the bridal salons everywhere.

8. Best Couples {tie} – Gotta give it up for the couples who have so effortlessly {or at least that’s how they make it look} collaborated and together, shine.

best couple


7. Neckline – The color is also stunning but what I first loved about Lupita Nyong’o’s look was the plunging neckline that was perfect for her frame.



6. Floral – It’s no surprise that Monique Lhullier hit the red carpet and knocked the floral trend into a gorgeous princess gown {doesn’t hurt SI Swimsuit covergirl, Chrissy Teigen rocked it}

floral trend


5. Timeless – There’s nothing quite like a white gown on the red carpet for me.  It pops and when it’s done right, like Naomi Watts, there’s nothing better.



4. Old Hollywood – There’s no one I love more than JLaw.  She fell again this year and I love her even more for it!  She always brings it but I was thrilled to see her an old hollywood inspired look complete with peplum, bright colors and gorgeous jewels {brides take note, you will never regret a look like this}.

old hollywood


3. Best Accessory – I know white always screams bridal but what I’m really loving from Kelly Osbourne’s look is the capelet.  It is a huge trend in the bridal fashion world and she nailed it.  I can’t wait to see more brides with these thanks to Ms. Osbourne.

best accessory


2. Complete Look – Cate Blanchett can never do wrong.  She, once again, nailed her entire look, from head to toe.  The dress is stunning, the illusion neckline is perfection and her hair is to die for.  Everything is right here and brides, don’t be afraid of an overload of beading because this is amazing!

best dressed


1. Best Dressed – This was very hard as my best dressed has changed a few times.  But looking back at the night, Charlize Theron just killed it.  This style of dress showed off her curves, her hair is sleek and simple and her necklace is just enough bling to hold the look together.  If you got the curves ladies, rock them!  {side note – she was spotted at In&Out Burger before the awards show, are you kidding?}

sexy glamour

celebrate the professional

I am a big time diyer, or so I thought.  I always saw an idea and thought, why would anyone hire a professional to do something that you could do yourself?  It never made sense to me, until starting my own business.  I thought, I can do my own logo, I can make my own contract for services, I can design a website – how hard could it be?  Well friends, let me tell you, hard doesn’t cover it.   I have wasted more time, energy and most importantly, money, doing things myself.  All my projects came up short and I was never in love with any of the results.  Frustrating?  To say the least.  After hours of continually threatening my computer {no computers were hurt in the making of this post} I decided to take a step back and figure out what I really wanted and needed for my business.

Enter the realization that there are professionals for a reason.  There are web-site designers and programmers {woo hoo!}, graphic designers, stationers, business coaches and interior designers for a reason.  They are professionals, they have the experience, the education and the passion for their individual businesses.  They have expertise and the most important thing for me, a unique and helpful perspective.  I found the amazing Lauren Kelp somewhere {most likely Pinterest} and immediately fell in love with her interior design abilities and her style.  I have always thought interior design was something I could myself but after a few years of apartment living I was in desperate need of change.  Doing a majority of work from home, my side-of-the-road table turned desk, over-sized lamp and overall mess of a working station wasn’t working for me.  I needed some professional help.  She was such a breathe of fresh air and immediately transformed my space with her fresh perspective of my space.

The process with Lauren {yes, we are so on a first name basis} was perfect and during our conversations I mentioned my diy personality and that I was frustrated with myself for not seeking out professionals earlier.  This led to the subject of how hiring professionals is such the way to go in certain situations.  She explained that she, along with her talented friends, call this concept, celebrating the professional {I know because I made a note of this genius when she said it}.  Well, this is my new motto and while I know I won’t be totally giving up on my diy ways {spray paint just calls to me}, I’m not afraid or ashamed for getting professional help.  And this realization has really made life less stressful and that’s always a win!